Patents in the field of biotechnology

Biology and biotechnology encompass diverse fields, including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, the textile and food industries and marine biology through to waste management. In general, all biotechnological inventions are patentable, but the logging and filing of IP rights often turns out to be very complex due to various exclusion criteria (patent exclusion criteria). This is where the competent and experienced patent attorneys at RGTH can help.

Protecting innovative advances with biopatents

Whether medicines or medical inventions: Often there are years of work behind these developments, which demand resources in the form of money and time from companies and individuals.

As development and subsequent market approval are expensive and time-consuming, both one’s own input and possible investor funds should be protected. This is where biopatents are indispensable, and our patent attorneys at RGTH help to develop the appropriate patent strategy for our clients’ biotechnological inventions in an interdisciplinary manner.

Life science patents as decisive factors for medical progress

In the field of life sciences, it is particularly important to protect inventions for the reasons mentioned above. Human genetic sequences in particular are subject to strict guidelines by the legislator in Germany, which must be observed when applying for a patent at the European Patent Office (EPO) or the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA).

Of course, our competent attorneys at RGTH are familiar with the legal requirements. Whether it concerns biological sequences, biotechnological methods or medicinal products, they support our clients in their biotechnological patent application from the development to the enforcement and defence of their rights.

Patents for medicines: protecting many years of research

Medicines improve the quality of life or even prolong life, such as insulin preparations for diabetics or cancer drugs like Herceptin or Avastin. Many drugs are based on human gene sequences, whose influence on medicines can be further advanced thanks to life science patents, because research is often costly and time-consuming. Adequate protection of inventions is therefore indispensable, as it prevents counterfeit preparations which, in the worst case, can even pose a danger to patients’ health.

Comprehensive support by experienced experts in the field of biotechnology

In the field of biology and biotechnology, our patent attorneys provide comprehensive support to our clients.

Together we develop a patent concept for their inventions, carry it out, including an extensive patent search, and file the biopatents professionally with all the necessary documents such as sequence listings. In the event of patent infringement by third parties, our biotechnology attorneys represent our clients in court and take care of the granting of licensing rights.

We advise you in particular in the following areas

  • Microbiology
  • Peptide and protein chemistry
  • Antibodies
  • Stem cells
  • Genomics
  • Biodiagnostics
  • Immunology
  • Plant biotechnology

Our patent attorneys for biotechnology

Our patent attorneys specialising in biotechnology are not only trained, but in some cases bring years of industrial experience to the table. Thanks to their interdisciplinary networking, they develop patent strategies for even the most unusual inventions of our clients and implement them competently – regardless of whether this involves the filing of biological material, medicinal products or biotechnological processes.

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