Patents in the field of electrical engineering

A prime example of patents in electrical engineering are Thomas Edison’s inventions: Not only was he able to develop innovations from them, but he was also able to protect them and build a business empire based on them. In the meantime, the number of worldwide patent applications in the field of electrical engineering is constantly increasing due to technical progress. In order to protect innovations and gain a market advantage, it is therefore particularly important to deal with possible property rights at an early stage.

Protecting many years of development work with patents

The legend of Edison’s light bulb is unforgettable: it is said that it took him 1001 attempts to make the light bulb work. Whether true or not, a year passed in which he consumed numerous materials and put in hours of work. The same is true of companies today, some of which invest decades in research and development of innovations in order to gain a technical edge.

To protect the time invested and the costs of research and development, it can make sense to file a patent application. In addition, you can license your patents, for example, to promote interdisciplinary research.

Cross-disciplinary patent protection from a single source

Gone are the days when patents were filed for innovations in just one field: The technical terms “Industry 4.0” or “mechatronics” illustrate the interplay of a wide variety of disciplines, which not only creates innovations but also opens up new markets. A good example is offered by the currently flourishing electromobility, which combines electrical and information technology, sensor technology and mechanical engineering, among others.

RGTH has accompanied this change and supports you in protecting cross-disciplinary innovations and prosecuting any patent infringements, so that you can continue to focus on the research and application of your technologies. In addition, to give you a competitive advantage, it can be useful to open up new markets through international IP rights.

Comprehensive support by experienced experts in the field of electrical engineering

Patent searches, expert opinions, the prosecution of patent infringements and patent applications: All these are processes that distract you from your business goals, namely innovation and research in the specific as well as interdisciplinary field of electrical engineering and mechatronics.

That is why our experienced patent attorneys take over, for example, the examination of already existing patents before the future patent application is filed.

In addition, we support you in drafting any licence agreements with third parties and represent you nationally and internationally in enforcing your IP rights.

In doing so, we also support you in protecting work methods and check whether they are patentable. Together, we create the right concept for your patent strategy and then implement it. Our experienced patent attorneys accompany you from product or method development to the defence of your IP rights.

We advise you in particular in the following areas

  • Renewable energies/energy technology
  • Communications engineering
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Smart home
  • Automation and systems engineering/robots
  • Electronics/microelectronics
  • Battery technology
  • Processor architecture
  • 5G technology/standards
  • Medical technology
  • Electric drive technology

Our patent attorneys for electrical engineering

In addition to national expertise, our patent attorneys at RGTH also have international experience in the fields of electrical engineering and mechatronics. They also have many years of industrial experience in various fields of electrical engineering, such as microelectronics, sensor technology or semiconductor technologies.

Thanks to the close networking of our specialist areas at RGTH, we are also able to implement patent applications in interdisciplinary fields professionally and efficiently for our clients.

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