Patents in the field of physics

It is impossible to imagine everyday life without physics: hardly any invention can do without physics – neither in medical technology nor in automotive engineering, aerospace engineering or in the field of telecommunications and optics. It is only thanks to physics that technologies of the future can be understood and explored. This makes it all the more important to have ideas and developments protected with the help of patents and our competent attorneys at RGTH.

Patents protect your knowledge

Innovation does not happen overnight, innovation comes about through sometimes years of effort and considerable costs for companies. Behind inventions that drive technical progress there are entire departments or companies completely focused on research. Since there is a possibility that another company will develop the same invention or that imitators will claim it for themselves, inventions and thus decades of work should be protected by patents.

Cross-disciplinary patent protection

“Everything is energy” and thus physics – that is what Albert Einstein is supposed to have said. In fact, physical laws play a decisive role in numerous technology sectors, because they can be used to understand and describe technical processes. Whether in communications engineering, optics, telecommunications, electrical and lighting engineering or other mechanical processes such as mechanical engineering: physics is used interdisciplinarily in modern technologies and has become an indispensable part of the research work of many companies.

That is why our experienced patent attorneys at RGTH act in an interdisciplinary manner and take into account interfaces and connections between different branches of industry in order to create the appropriate patent strategy for our clients.

Expert guidance from strategy to patent protection

With the right patent strategy, our clients can focus on their research with peace of mind. Our patent attorneys assess our clients’ inventions and conduct a patent search that can identify potential obstacles to filing a patent application. If desired, our attorneys will support and accompany them from research and development through filing and expert opinion preparation to securing patent protection.

In the case of patent infringements, our patent attorneys competently defend our clients and thus enforce their rights. Licensing is also possible – in such a framework, our patent attorneys discuss the possibilities and carry them out as agreed.

We advise you in particular in the following areas

  • Optics
  • Laser technology (e.g. LIDAR)
  • Acoustics
  • Sensor technology
  • Measurement technology

Our patent attorneys for physics

Laser physics, electrical and energy engineering or telecommunications – our patent attorneys in the field of physics act interdisciplinarily and have excellent national and international connections. This enables them to deal with your patent issues professionally and competently and to apply for, defend and look after cross-technology patents. In addition to their legal expertise, our patent attorneys at RGTH have many years of experience in industry or research as well as a scientific background and can thus comprehensively accompany you on your way to the perfect patent strategy.

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