Patents in the field of mechanical engineering

Patents in the field of mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering has always been one of the most important industrial sectors of the German economy. New interdisciplinary developments play a large part in further increasing its relevance. If new technologies or methods have been developed, the question often arises for developers as to whether these should be protected as trade secrets or patented. This decision can be momentous – which is why we recommend professional advice to our clients before they make this decision.

Protecting innovation and knowledge with patents

Mechanical engineering has many facets, e.g. automotive and plant engineering, materials science or thermodynamics. Without innovations in these fields, companies cannot survive. But the necessary costs and the time required for research and development are high. For this reason, you should think about filing a patent application for your innovations, also to secure a competitive advantage on the market. But also to protect your innovation, be it a product, a technical method or a machine.

Protection of methods and machinery

Not only products and machines are patentable, but also manufacturing and working methods. In the best case, all components of the innovation can be protected by a patent. Our experienced patent attorneys carefully review every invention as well as existing patents, so that we can find the right strategy for optimal patent protection together with our clients.

Comprehensive support by experienced experts in the field of mechanical engineering

Whether you want to solve a problem or improve a method or product – every innovation starts with an idea that is explored, expanded, discarded or improved. What is initially just an idea can be reformulated into a patent and filed for protection as early as the development stage.

Our experienced patent attorneys in the field of mechanical engineering will help you with this, for example by selecting the decisive evidence of protectability and preparing it for the application for the industrial property right.

Together we develop an individual development concept, carry out patent searches as well as the filing of your patent application and, if necessary, prepare expert opinions. Our patent attorneys also support you in the event of possible patent infringements by third parties and help you enforce your property rights.

We advise you in particular in the following areas

  • Shipbuilding
  • Automotive engineering
  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Plant engineering
  • Robot technology
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Household appliances
  • Measurement and control engineering
  • Materials engineering

Our patent attorneys for mechanical engineering

Years of experience in mechanical engineering with national and international competence bring our clients forward – both in filing patents and in the highly competitive market over the competition. Patent attorneys at RGTH therefore convince with years of expertise and extensive knowledge in thenumerous fields of mechanical engineering – some with several years of practical experience from industry.

Thanks to our efficient networking of existing competences, cross-disciplinary patent applications are also possible, e.g. in the emerging field of mechatronics. Our goal is to advise you competently and efficiently from the development to the application to the defence of your IP rights and to accompany you throughout the entire process.

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