Patents in the field of materials science

Hard materials, nanomaterials and polymer technology – these and other inventions in materials science form the basis for numerous areas of technology and industries and are now considered key technologies in various areas of application that shape our future, e.g. in the electrical and chemical industries or in medical technology. As in electrical engineering or the life sciences, new materials can also be protected and licensed by patents.

Protect innovations in the long term with patents

A single invention in the field of materials science can often make the difference between a company and its competitors. It is worthwhile to protect innovations not only for this reason, but also because research often requires enormous amounts of time and money before a company can achieve a breakthrough. Years are often lost if competitors can use the invention unprotected.

Materials science influences numerous industrial sectors

The term “material sciences” means little to most people, yet materials play a central role in numerous areas of technology, e.g. in chemistry and physics, biology as well as mechanics and construction technology. Here, materials sciences influence diverse innovations, e.g. in e-mobility and microelectronics, in aerospace engineering as well as with regard to sustainability and environmental protection, by developing new materials and using them as building blocks for new technologies.

Whether coatings, building materials, supra- and semiconductors or composites, the inventions of materials science play a crucial role in the 21st century and beyond.

Comprehensive support by experienced experts in the field of materials science

Inventions in the material sciences can also be protected by patents. Our patent attorneys at RGTH support our clients in filing patent applications for their inventions, conduct extensive patent searches and develop a strategy concept to optimally protect their invention. Our range of services also includes expert opinions and the possible granting of licences to third parties. In addition, our attorneys enforce our clients’ rights and defend their patent rights in court in the event of patent infringements.

We advise you in particular in the following areas

Our consulting spectrum includes the entire range of materials sciences, but especially the individual areas

  • Hard materials
  • Polymer blends / Polymer technology
  • Semiconductors
  • carbon-based materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Superconductors
  • Coatings and coating methods
  • Composite materials and nanotechnology
  • Building materials

Our patent attorneys for material sciences

In an interdisciplinary environment such as material sciences, expert knowledge and know-how are particularly important.

This is where our patent attorneys score points, thanks to their many years of experience with patents in the field of material sciences and, in some cases, practical implementation in industry.

Their extensive network also enables them to file patent applications in related fields, which means that our clients always receive the support they need for their inventions. In this way, they extend their lead in the sometimes highly competitive market and protect the results of their cost-intensive research in the long term.

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